Get peace of mind and rest assured that your business is compliant with health and safety legislation.

Cenheard Health and Safety

Cenheard provides a wide range of health and safety consultancy services. Including health and safety consultancy, dedicated services and ongoing training.

We are here to help keep your business compliant, and your staff motivated. Helping your workplace to achieve and maintain high standards of health and safety.

Expertise & Technology

The right expertise is essential to truly understanding the gaps in an organisation. With the correct specialist knowledge, Cenheard can help your organisation grapple with the grey areas of legislation, and seek out those opportunities.

Industry pioneering technology enables us to create data rich reports, prioritised actions, notifications and much more.

Easy to access, intuitive to use, limitless in opportunities. Making faster, more consistent and higher quality data rich compliance reporting.

Get better direction with and easier buy-in for your goals with Cenheard advanced health and safety reporting.

Systems developed on experience

We build system because we want to use them.

In deed, most of Cenheard systems are built out of the modern necessity to move away from spreadsheets.

Reports built for action

Database storage provides opportunities for meaningful reports.

Finally, reports that means something in the eye of the beholder.

Action focussed

Risk assessments aren’t meant to gather dust till their next review.

Cenheard’s quality risk assessment become living documents that form part of how our clients businesses operate.

Simple prioritisation

Big to-do lists dampen motivation. It’s time to make way for custom autonomy, prioritised actions and task delegation.

All our assessments come with pre-prioritised actions, helping you to focus your efforts in all the right places.