We are specialists in Health and Safety Management, supporting organisations throughout a variety of diverse organisations.

Our passion is to simplify relevant legislation, and guide compliance, with efficient action based systems which enable growth.

Family in business…

Cenheard was founded in 2019 by brother and sister Christopher and Ashleigh Lambert.

The standardisation of health and safety across sectors, helped the siblings realise the similarities in their professions. Leading to a collaboration of potential consultancy services.

Cenheard founders on a steam engine in Knaresborough
Cenheard founders, Ashleigh & Chris Lambert, at party in the castle 2019, after Chris drove the steam engine into Knaresborough market square following a pre-event risk assessment.

With experience in multiple disciplines throughout their careers, Cenheard is centered on a holistic view of health and safety standards across the workplace.

This is coupled with vast experience in the application of automation technologies. Enabling Cenheard to provide bespoke systems, optimised to realise the full potential of your business.

Ashleigh’s passions lie with high standards in health and safety. NEBOSH qualified, Ashleigh has helped businesses and events create simple, yet effective, health and safety management systems to compliment their activities.

Chris’s passions lie with engineering and technology. As a time served electrical and electronics engineer, Chris has helped embed high machinery safety standards, in a wide variety of manufacturing environments.

Where does the name come from?

Cenheard Logo on white

Where does the name come from?

It’s all to do with our hometown….

Knaresborough Castle features in the Doomsday book as ‘Cenheards Fortress

So there you have it, our name originates from the name of the castle in our historic hometown of Knaresborough.

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