Health and safety toolbox talks are especially good at keeping health and safety relevant for staff. By focussing on single aspects of compliance, it’s possible to focus on the legislation and guidance that really matters to an individual’s job role.

Take advantage of this useful health and safety tool and enhance compliance in your workplace with Cenheard toolbox talks…

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Cenheard Health and Safety Toolbox Talks

How to present a toolbox talk

A guide on how to present a toolbox talk

  1. Prepare

    Prior to your short presentation, familiarise yourself with the topic that you’re about to present.

  2. Make it personal

    You will likely have real life experience on the subject matter – use these examples to help engage your audience.
    Use anecdotes to illustrate the points – people relate better to the stories and experiences of other people.

  3. Present clearly

    Make eye contact as much as possible with your audience. This will help to keep their attention.
    Speak clearly and distinctly. Don’t be tempted to rush through it or mumble.
    Speak with conviction – if you take the training seriously, so will they.

  4. Check learnings

    Ask for information from the participants, to check that they have understood what you have said.

  5. Answer questions

    Invite questions at the end and answer any that you know the answer to.
    To keep up staff morale, you should get back to anyone with answers that you don’t currently have.


What is a health and safety toolbox talk?

A health and safety toolbox talk is short health and safety presentation that focuses on one particular topic.

What is the aim of health and safety toolbox talks?

The aim of health and safety toolbox talks is to deliver short, frequent bursts of relevant health and safety information to your staff.

Why are toolbox talks important?

Health and safety toolbox talks are good at making health and safety information relevant. Focussing on single aspects of legislation and best practice that are relevant to the individuals job role.

How often should tool box talks be given?

Weekly toolbox talks are advised to help create a relevant health and safety topic / focus for the week that staff can engage in.

For HSE guidance on toolbox talks click here.