Cenheard Engineered Systems

Complete engineering management systems, design services and optimisation strategies.

Cenheard engineered systems provide complete peace of mind by seamlessly coupling operational technologies with information technology.

Get true visibility of engineering operations with effective computerised maintenance management systems, SCADA and artificial intelligence.

Cenheard automation controls

Automation Controls

Compliant , bespoke automation designs. Cenheard creates expertly crafted control panels, system integrations, installations and in-depth commissioning.

Cenheard can also provide advanced fault diagnostics, breakdown resolutions and root causes analysis.

Core Industrial Automation Services

  • Robotic & PLC automation
  • Safety function design
  • Electrical panel building
  • Machine integrations
  • Siemens TIA specialist
  • ABB industrial robotics specialist
  • SRPCS validation services
  • SICK & Pilz specialists
  • Stock control systems
  • Stock consolidation
  • CE marking
  • Project management
  • Machine & automation design
  • Turnkey automation solutions

Cenheard industrial SCADA


Creation and ongoing support for end-to-end integrated SCADA systems. Cenheard SCADA systems get meaningful, insightful data to all levels of business operations.

Core SCADA Engineering Services

  • Factory floor to boardroom analytics
  • Implementation and development
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Project management
  • Ignition specialists
  • Siemens S7 integration specialists
  • Complete OT & IT integration
  • Seamless ERP integrations
  • Advanced controls
  • Advanced networking
  • Hack attack prevention plans
  • Robotics integrations

Cenheard CMMS


Design, development and implementation of bespoke. to off the counter. computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS).

Core CMMS Engineering Services

  • CMMS implementation, development and gap analysis
  • In-house implementation guidance
  • Pirana, SAP (Plant Maintenance)
  • Complete bespoke systems and integrations
  • End user training
  • System admin training
  • SOP & policy development
  • Local servers and cloud hosting
  • System development training
  • Package selection guidance

Cenheard Industrial AI

Industrial A.I.

Big data, machine learning and advanced analytics. Cenheards advanced generation of integrated systems, provide unique opportunities for computerised analytics and insights.

Core Industrial Artificial Intelligence Services

  • Google cloud integrations
  • Useful big data collation
  • Meaningful, job specific insights
  • Bespoke automated decision making
  • Relatable metrics
  • Unique opportunity insights
  • Digital twining & VR training
  • Industry 4.0 consultancy

Additional services

  • Component manufacture
  • Component servicing
  • Maintenance engineering
  • Maintenance training
  • Compliance gap analysis
  • CE marking
  • PUWER compliance
  • SOP development