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We’re able to provide and develop business and task specific training. Including the development of documentation and physical / virtual training aids. We’re also able to host off site training. So your staff can immerse themselves in their training experience, … Read More

Principal Designer

Where a client requires more than one contractor for their project, they must appoint a principal designer. The principal designer role replaces the coordinators role under CDM 2007. Principal designer’s manage the pre-construction phase of a project, while principal contractors … Read More

Clients under CDM 2015

A client is any person for whom a project is carried out. L153 (CDM 2015 Guidance) In order to manage the health and safety risk associated with their project, the client must make suitable arrangements for: Managing the project Maintaining … Read More

CDM 2015 Introduction

As well as legal requirements being placed on the employer and employee relationship, legal requirements are also placed on clients and their contractors. The legal requirements placed on clients and their contractors are covered under the construction (design and management) … Read More


Systems for work, that work, working hard for businesses, welcome to Cenheard. Cenheard is a proper, family owned, Yorkshire business. Specialising in providing peace-of-mind business consultancy, design, management systems and training. At Cenheard, our passion and expertise lies in implementing … Read More

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