Clients under CDM 2015


A client is any person for whom a project is carried out.

L153 (CDM 2015 Guidance)

In order to manage the health and safety risk associated with their project, the client must make suitable arrangements for:

  • Managing the project
  • Maintaining the project
  • And, reviewing the project

A principal designer and principal contractor must be appointed if the project requires more than one contractor. As well as appointing these roles, the client must also ensure that they carry out their duties.

Summary of a client’s role

  • To use and appoint a competent principal designer to advise and coordinate activities on notifiable projects
  • Appoint a competent principal contractor
  • Check the competence and resources of those they appoint
  • Provide key information to designers and contractors
  • Ensure suitable management arrangements are in place
  • Ensure workplaces are designed correctly and adequate welfare facilities are on site
  • To ensure enough time and resource is provided to allow the project to be delivered safely

Simple checks made by the client

  • Checking that there is adequate protection for their workers and the public
  • Checking adequate welfare facilities have been provided by their contractor
  • Checking good cooperation and communication between their designers and contractors.
  • Asking for confirmation that the arrangements their contractor agreed to make, have been implemented.

Contracted work requires effective planning and coordination to deliver safely. This must be done in the early stages of the project. Project meetings should be well organised and include discussions on any specific issues and concerns.

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